Hello everyone! Here is Knox Pools Four Keys To Beautiful Water. If you have been struggling to get your pool blue, pay close attention because here are the secrets;

  1. CIRCULATION- The more your water is in motion the harder it is for algae to take hold. Maximize pool chemical efficiency by circulating your pool during the day. During March 31st through October 31st you should run your pump more often due to excess sunlight and heat offered during the summer. Keep the pump running 10-12 hours during this time. In the off- season you can lower your pump cycle to 7-8 hour days since the temperature is lower and there is less sunlight. REMEMBER: the more sunlight = more algae growth.
  2. FILTRATION- Filters are important pieces of pool equipment. Make sure your filter is clean so it will continue to clean your pool water properly and filter out anything that doesn’t belong in the pool. Clean your filter once a month or when the pressure goes up eight to ten pounds above normal. Most cartridges need to be replaced once a year. Chemically cleaning your filter twice a year can help extend the lifespan of your filter
  3. CLEANING- Algae likes to grow in the most neglected spots. This includes areas that get poor circulation in your pool and spots that your automatic pool cleaner may miss. A simple way to inhibit growth in these areas is by brushing, your pool at least once a week. This is because by brushing you’re dislodging any algae that may have taken root in that particular spot as well as helping the water circulate and move.
  4. TESTING/CHEMISTRY- Certain pool parameters must be carefully and regularly maintained, In order to keep your pool blue and clear. These chemicals are; chlorine/bromine, alkalinity, pH, stabilizer (cyanuric acid), and calcium hardness. You also want to monitor you TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) and Salt if you have saltwater pool. In South Florida algae inhibitors are also essential to keeping you pool blue and clear of algae. Applying the right product to the pool at the right time is key in keeping your pool nice and clear. We recommend that you bring your pool water in for a free analysis at least once a week to make sure your pool isn’t lacking in any of these areas. Come in and talk to one of our associates if you have any questions on what you need in the pool and more importantly, why.

So, we went over the Four Keys To Beautiful Water. As long as you remember these key points, we can promise that you will feel more confident in maintaining and caring for your pool.